My Career Aspirations

My career aspirations are to put myself in a position to take a level entry position as a network and systems analyst.

“After a long hard road
I finally made it through
my graduation. Now I
would like to take a breath,
before I start taking other
certification courses to strengthen
my skills…”

I have been around a while, I am 39 years old I have over fifteen years leading experience as a non-commissioned officer of the United States Army, which has kept me busy for a total of 22 years. Along with being a soldier though, I was also a father of three children. I have been in two mobilizations, one after the war in Bosnia as a part of Operation Joint Endeavour, the other was in Iraq from 2003-2004 as a part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Along with my military experience I have over ten years experience in plant automation and the use of process guidance systems.  Has studied masonry, diverse carpenter and mason skills like.


professional bio

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