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Tim has a diverse, multifaceted history of training, from the leadership training performed with the U.S. Army to an apprenticeship for brickmason. Tim has been studying since 2006 with Amridge University (formally Southern Christian University) in Montgomery, Alabama through distance learning. His aspirations are to finish college and acquire his bachelors degree in Business Administration with concentration in Information Systems Management. As I write this Tim is finishing his studies with Amridge University and had started the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certification course. Tim has been learning something his entire life. If you ask him about one of his favorite pastimes are he will tell you, "Learning something"


Military Knowledge Development

06/1987 - 09/1987

The former Army Chemical School at Fort McClellan is now the home of the Department of Justice Center for Domestic Preparedness.

U.S. Army Chemical Shool Fort McClellan, Alabama

In the lower-division baccalaureate/associate degree catagory, 2 semester hours in personnel supervision and 1 in technical writing.

01/1995 - 02/1995


U.S. Army Primay Leadership Development Course

In the lower-dividsion baccaleureate/associates degree category, 1 semester hour in principles of supervision and 1 in military science.

  • Made the highest grades in leadership of a class of 25 other future non-commissioned officers
  • Good Grades in leadership and teamwork
02/2004 - 02/2004


Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course Phase I, Ft. Lewis, Washington

In the lower-division baccalaureate/associate degree catagory, 3 semester hours in principles of supervison, 2 in technical writing, and 2 in records management.

  • Good grades in Leadership, Communication, and Teamwork.
  • Very good grades in research: 93%
08/2004 - 09/2004


Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course Phase II, Ft. Leonardwood Missouri

No ACE Evaluation available for this training!

  • Good grades in Leadership, Communication, and Teamwork.

01/2005 - 01/2005


04/2005 - 04/2005

US Army Corps of Engineers

US Army Engineer School Ft. Leonardwood Missouri

06/2007 - 06/2007


Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer Course Phase II, Ft. Leonardwood, Missouri

No ACE Evaluation available for this training!

  • Good grades in Leadership, Communcation, and Teamwork
  • Very good grades in research: Grade 96%

Business Knowledge Development

Introduction to Business - Amridge University Spring 2007

This was a really good course for Business undergraduates. In this course I learned many principles and methods, external and internal operations, and the organization of business. This class gave me the ground knowledge that I need to make a difference in any area of business. This being ground zero and a place for which I could build my business knowledge. Professor Hughes, as always, had lots of articles and lectures that he shared with us that put us in the entrepreneurship frame of mind. I didn’t want to do anything more than jump right in and start up my own business. With this groundwork I know it would have been possible. The course was very comprehensive, showing us all about the complex functions that make up business operations. Before this class started I had already had a few business ideas, Professor Hughes “special assignment” allowed me to build on what I had already started. My research in the different job positions made me respect the different business areas and the qualifications needed for them. I developed the organizational structure of Homemadestuff, the Webspace service provider that I would love to get off the ground. I personally wish that this course leaned a little more to international business and German businesses in general. Only because when I start my business it will be in Germany and not in America – at least not at first. I know some of you that are reading this are saying to themselves that an introduction course in business is not enough knowledge for me to consider this guy as a possible employee candidate. Well you may be right, considering the type of business you are in and the position that you are trying to fill I might not be the right guy. I know where you are coming from, and I know that I am a fast learner. If hired I will be bringing with me not only a basic knowledge of “all” business functions within most companies, but also a few years leadership experience as a non-commissioned officer or the US Army. I am ready and willing to put my own objectives and ambitions on hold in order to become an excellent colleague and associate of any company; as a computer consultant, system administrator, or area manager – its about being selfless in order to achieve the business mission and the objectives that are at hand.

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My Business Idea - Homemadestuff .HTML



Introduction to Business.pdf

Managing Business Projects via Technology - Amridge University Summer 2007

This course was really an eye-opener for me. I told myself that if I knew more about project management by taking some project management courses after I graduate college, this would give me a better chance at landing a good job, and help me later with my own business endeavors. The objective of this course was for each student to apply project management concepts to plan, create, and manage projects using industry standard project management software. We learned how to used Microsoft Project 2003 to create and manage projects. The book Microsoft Office Project 2003 from Thompson Course Technology gave a great many examples of projects and situations within these projects that allowed us to learn the ins and outs of Microsoft Project 2003. This class motivated me to use Microsoft Project 2003 for projects that I was working on in my U.S. Army Reserve unit at the time. It seemed as if any project no matter how complex could be effectively managed when using project management software. For projects that deal with virtual teams, using project management software with client/server technology give a project manager the tools he needs to cross any information gaps. My next step in this direction will be to conduct the first phase of a four phase qualification programm with the Deutsche Gesellschaft for Project Management (GPM).

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Reaction Paper


Managing Business Projects via Technology.pdf

Management Information Systems in Business - Amridge University Fall 2007

Like most of Dr. Scott’s classes, this one was another challenge, lots and lots of work. I envy those who complete everything successfully in Dr. Scott’s classes. I think that if they finished everything then they probably not working or absolutely nothing else to do other than schoolwork. All kidding aside, Dr. Scott is a great teacher and mastermind – someone I look up to. This class taught me a lot about the many management systems used in businesses today. This class was meant to be an introduction to all of these systems. If this class doesn't do anything else it definately wets your tongue for more learning. After finding out how much you still have to learn in order to specialize in any one type of MIS, you just want to dive right in and start learning things in that area. Unfortunately, students that are in the same situation I'm in will probably find it hard to study anything more than their college courses. Just like it was with this class, I find myself doing nothing but schoolwork when I am not at my day job - it bothers the wife a lot too, bless her heart. My next step in this direction for me though will be to learn more about SAP R6, the most used Enterprise Management System in Germany. I’ve thought about becoming a SAP consultant among all of the other things in IT I would love to learn and practice. It would be nice if we could just plug into a machine that teaches us things within minutes – I think that I have watched too many MATRIX films. I didn’t feel comfortable not getting my case study done on time. Luckily, Dr. Scott gave me a alternate task which he was OK with in the end. The task was to help him develop a design for case studies that are done by distance learners. I think my problem was that I had never done a case study before and I chose a subject that was very complex. Even though I didn’t do the case study, the research is still stuck in my head. Does anybody know how complicated it is to study the efforts by the international community to control and constrain the Internet? Well neither did I until I started doing the research. I hope that you will enjoy the digital artifacts I have chosen to show for this class.

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My Philosophy about learning.HTML

Future Factory.HTML

Original Case Study Design.doc




Management Information Systems.pdf

Ethical Character of Business Leadership - Amridge University Spring 2008

The Golden Rule, these were our watchwords during the duration of this course. Professor Williams does a great job here of bringing ethical issues, dilemmas, and problems to the front to be analyzed and discussed. The class was one of the most comprehensive that I've completed at Amridge U. I liked how that since this class I seem to see things a little different. In this class I learned to really understand the length of ethical issues like dysfunctional conduct, company values, competing ethically, and the behaviors of being politically correct as apposed to ethically sound. For my research in this class I wrote an ethical code of conduct for Homemadestuff. I used what Professor Williams had taught us on truthfulness and the use of the Golden Rule to guide ethical behavior to formulate a guideline for upright employee behavior. With this code I believe there was a place for all issues surrounding ethical conduct. The Golden Rule is the only right way to look at ethics; just put yourself in the other’s shoes and there you have it. You just can’t go wrong if you treat everybody the way you yourself would like to be treated, no matter if it is costumers, suppliers, employees, or family; everybody wants to be treated with love, respect, and dignity. Unfortunately though I have misplaced my ethical code so I do not have any digital artifacts to show for learning objective attainment.

Code of Ethics Resources

Guidance for Writing a Code of Ethics

My Employer's Code of Ethics


Ethical Character of Business Leadership.pdf

Security Measures in Business - Amridge University Spring 2008

Now this is another one of those preparatory courses that will help you through some security certification exams. I really learned a lot from this course. From facility entrance security to the different types of data encryption, this class taught it all. My research during this class was again centered around Homemadestuff and the considerations that one must make when implementing a Webserver within a company's physical network. I chose this subject area to compliment my other research of eCommerce, dynamic Web page design, HRM strategies for business startups. My goal with this course, as with the others in this program was to not only prepare myself for employment in an IT department of some lucky company, but to help me become the entrepreneur I have been dreaming of becoming. This course gave me a true look at the real problems facing an IT professionals responsible for corporate networks and security. This course makes you take off the rose-colored glasses long enough to see the cyber threats that threatening the corporate networks of our global economy. I am ready, and I know that this course alone is not enough knowledge to stay ahead of these cyber criminals. We as IT professionals, in order to do our jobs professionally, have to stay vigilant and keep informed so that we can have a fighting chance to secure our organization’s networks and ultimately the organization’s soft (knowledge) assets.

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Research Paper

Webserver implementation Considerations.HTML

My Grading Rubric for the Research Paper.pdf


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Chapter 4



Principles of Training and Development in IT - Amridge University Summer 2008

This was another comprehensive course that teaches IT personnel management to prospective business leaders. I took the opportunity to research more about human resource management from a German prospective. My research for this class is also linked to the other research that I have done during the program to help me understand more the complexities that come with running my own business. My research objective was to find the right HRM strategy for a business in the start-up phase of its lifecycle. I used the concepts that I learned in this course to help guide my research so that I gain a better overall understanding of the human resource part of business management. Throughout the duration of this course I kept thinking to myself how nice it would be to finally have a job in the IT field. Learning how employees are treated in those companies that believe their employees to be long-term investments, made me feel left out. I want so much to have such a position.

Again, learning that some of these same companies spend a great deal of money on their employee’s development, made me ponder what it would be like to be on the receiving end of such spending. I wouldn’t want to do any less if I were boss, but as a HR manager we have to weight the cost of our employee development strategies against the return-on-investment in order to use these strategies efficiently.

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Research Paper

Finding the right HRM strategie for a business startup.HTML


Chapter 1.doc

Chapter 17.doc

Chapter 5.doc



Leadership and Organizational Development - Amridge University Fall 2008

I am currently in process of finishing this course, will update this soon....

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Leadership and Organizational Dynamics.pdf